Hello! Welcome to Beastie's Prehistoric Portal!

 I hope you enjoy your stay in my virtual home. What's it all about? Well, Beastie, is me! A chance one off comment by a friend that stuck! Years later and more people know me by that name rather than by my proper name. Prehistoric, literally pre history, or more correctly before written history. We read history books about Kings and Queens, for example, but things happened before humans developed the skill of writing, hence pre history. Portal, a gateway that allows access to information, my photos.

I am an amateur photographer who has an interest in pre historic places and the remains left behind by our ancient ancestors. If you know where to look and what to look for there is plenty of scattered in the countryside and indeed our villages, towns and cities which may well have grown from an ancient settlement. All you need is a map, walking boots and the ability to climb really steep hills! Oh, and a camera! Luckily i have all of these items. The results are here for you to enjoy.

All the photographs used on this web site were taken by and therefore owned by me and i would ask you to respect this.

Enjoy your visit!

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