Have you ever been out walking in the countryside or even just driving and seen strange lumps and bumps in the terrain? They are often in groups or in lines can can be found singly on their own. We know them as Barrows but the are more properly called Tumulus are Tumuli if there is more than one. They are scattered around in large numbers although they are sometimes hard to find as they are sometimes not near roads and can be on say, farmland or other private property. They are actually places of burial and are situated near ancient settlements. They may be all of the visible signs that our ancient ancestors once lived here. They come in two main shapes, Long, which may have some outside stonework visible and have a proper entrance with internal chambers and Round, that come in various types, bowl, bell, disk, saucer and pond to name a few. If you want to visit any on private land please ask the land owner and always treat them with respect.