Cadbury Castle

Cadbury Castle, South Cadbury, Somerset. Easy to find as South Cadbury is signposted from the A303. It even has its own car park and if you have visited a few prehistoric sites you will know that isn't a common event! So, easy to find and easy to park but the easy life ends there. There is quite a climb up a rough track way that when wet is very slippery. Walking boots with good grip is recommended.Once you gain the summit you are very well rewarded with stunning 360 degree views. On a clear day you can see Glastonbury Tor some 11 miles away. The Hill Fort is thought to have first been occupied before 3,000 BC and repeatedly up until Roman occupation. The site has been linked to the Legendary King Arthur but personally i think that unlikely but i can confirm that it is often ruled by cows now. Well worth the effort of climbing up there.

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