Eggardon Hill

Eggardon Hill Hill Fort near Powerstock, Dorset. It is better to approach from the A356 turning off at Maiden Newton, through Wynford Eagle, up the hill until you find a lay by near a cross roads, for parking, then a short walk to the footpath to the entrance. You will notice that you don't actually have to climb up to the Hill Fort ( which is a bonus ). Before you actually get to the footpath, on the other side of the road you will find the Eggardon Earthworks which to me looks like the remains of a Henge. The Fort itself is divided into 2 halves by a fence. One side is owned privately and has been ploughed regularly over the years and the other half is owned by the National Trust and has never been ploughed so the ancient features can still be seen. As with most Hill Forts the views are amazing although i would recommend being well wrapped up as it is usually rather bracing up there.

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