Hod Hill

Hod Hill hill fort is literally a stones throw away from the better know Hambledon Hill hill fort. There is an obvious question to be asked here. Why two hill forts so close together? There seems to be two trains of thought here. One, that Hod Hill was an 'overflow' settlement for when the population increased to be too much for one site. But Hambledon Hill is a huge site itself and i am more inclined to believe the second theory that Hod Hill is probably Bronze Age and that the two sites were never occupied at the same time. Recently Bournemouth University did an archaeological dig at Hod Hill and found evidence of Roman, Saxon and even Viking occupation. The Romans were certainly here as you can see the remains of their own fort in the north west corner of the hill fort. Also, all along the inside of the northern earthworks you can see where the builders scooped out the earth for the walls, the pits are still visible. If you are visiting both sites i would suggest seeing Hod Hill first because it is more interesting but Hambledon Hill is more spectacular.

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