Stonehenge is one of the worlds best known ancient sites. In 1986 along with the surrounding area, it was added to UNESCO's list of world heritage sites, it was included with Avebury Henge. It is situated alongside the A303 about 2 miles west of Amesbury and 8 miles north of Sailsbury. It was built in three main phases with the first phase being a bank and ditch enclosure started around 3100BC ( although there is evidence of earlier occupation ). Around 3000BC timber posts were added and the site was for the first time used for burials. The first stones were added about 400 years later with ongoing additions and changes being made. The last know construction was around 1600BC. Interestingly, the worlds most famous henge isn't actually a henge at all as the bank and the ditch are the wrong way round!

Work has finally started on moving/hiding the nearby roads and the new visitor centre to restore the site to a more fitting setting. Interestingly, plans have been unveiled to build Stonehenge two four miles away. It will be a 'complete' Stonehenge but made of various stones from around the world and would include yurt huts for visitors to stay in, a planetarium and an observatory.

When Stonehenge was at the peak of its use people from all over Britain would make their way there to celibate the winter solstice. Some of the journeys must have taken weeks. It must have been quite a gathering!

As with most prehistoric sites but especially with this one you need a good look around as it is not just one thing on its own. Use you eyes, explore, you will be surprised what else you will find.

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